Pullu’-"From Screen to Heart: Movie Emphasizes the Crucial Necessity of Nature" Renjith John

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Pullu’-"From Screen to Heart: Movie Emphasizes the Crucial Necessity of Nature" Renjith John

Pullu’-"From Screen to Heart: Movie Emphasizes the Crucial Necessity of Nature"     Renjith John

‘Pullu’ is a touching film that skillfully explores the intricate relationship between nature and humanity. The film stands out as a genuine piece of cinema, devoid of artificial techniques. It's a must-watch for nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate positive narratives. As the maiden venture of the First Clap organization, which aims to nurture filmmakers and offer them a platform, ‘Pullu’ holds historical significance in the realm of Malayalam cinema. The film compellingly articulates a strong warning to individuals who fail to overcome their insatiable desires and selfishness.

Throughout the film, the anticipation of the villagers awaiting Pullu's arrival seamlessly intertwines with the central theme. ‘Pullu’ is particularly noteworthy for its focus on a powerful female protagonist. Raina Maria, who plays the lead role of Devamma, delivers a sensitive and captivating performance. Devamma's journey, from a symbol of nature to a representation of human vulnerability, is both remarkable and moving. The film effectively underscores the strength of nature's rhythm and its impact on living beings.Pullu’-

Nature itself emerges as a distinct character in the film, set against the backdrop of North Malabar's rustic beauty. The film expertly captures the essence of Theiyam, local language, and rural life. Nature's changes are depicted with finesse in crucial scenes, enhancing the thematic seriousness that's handled with cinematic precision. The film masterfully delves into themes such as the exploitation of nature by commercial interests and the complexities of human relationships.

Featuring a cast and crew of newcomers, ‘Pullu’ shines as a contemporary work of art. Despite challenges, the crew's dedication shines through in the final product, reflecting their commitment to meaningful storytelling. Filmed in Palakkad and Kozhikode, the movie's reach in the cinematic landscape is commendable. With more than fifteen international awards under its belt, the film's success is undeniable.

‘Pullu’ is a cinematic gem that adeptly navigates the delicate relationship between nature and humanity. Its unique storyline, exceptional performances, and technical prowess have earned it international acclaim and recognition. The film's success marks a significant achievement for the First Clap association and underscores the power of storytelling in cinema.

Pullu is a thought-provoking film that raises important questions about our relationship with nature. It is a must-see for anyone who cares about the environment.

Led by famous film director Shajoon Karial,The movie was made with public participation through First Clap association.  All those who worked in the arena and in the set are new faces.  Directed by Riyaz Raas and Praveen Kelikotan, the story of this movie is written by Shabita.  Screenplay by Shabitha, Vidhu Shankar, Vijesh Unni and Shanthakumar.  Dop- Aji Vavachan. Reena Maria, Santosh Saras, Dhanil Krishna, Jayaprakash Kulur, Anand Bal, Lata Satish, Hashim Kormath, Satish Ambadi, Jauhar Kanesh, Vinesh Nambiar, Sudha Kavengat, Sriraj, Baby Aparna Jagat, Ganga Shekhar, Sivanandan Alliot, Justin  Thachil, Revathi, Vimal First Clap, Indira, Liji Joy Saramma, Aarti Nair, Vasudevan, Linish Aroor, Rajesh Ambadi, Suraj Nandan and Moorkanad Peethambaran have played the lead roles.  Editing- Sumesh Bwt,  Production Controller - Deepak Jayaprakasan, Music - Rajesh Babu & Shijit Sivan, Lyrics - Renuka Lal, Sreejith Rajendran, Dr. Jetish Sivadas, Nandini Rajeev.  singers- Prayan Pavithran, Rasika Rajan, Premi Ramdas, Suma Stalin, Priya Binoy, Lijesh Gopal, Art - Jayalal Mangat, Costume Designer - Rashmi Shajoon, Makeup - Prabish Calicut, Chief Associate Director - Pramod Krishnan, Associate Director - Junite Alex Jordi,  Stills - Prayan Pavithran, Production Executive - Vinesh Nambiar, Finance Controller - Abhijit Rajan, P.  R.  O.  - Sujeesh Kunnummakkara, Publicity Design - Binoy Vijay, Audiography - Harirag M.  Warrier, Colorist - Harry G.  Nair, Sound Design - Arun Verma, VFX - Loven & Kushan, Jimmy Jib Minnal Raj, Distribution Leads & Deals Interactive Technologies.